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Insurance advisers

Become a better seller by solving key promotional challenges

Play a crucial role in introducing clients and prospects to key industry ideas, educational materials, and interactive events so that they’re better positioned to collaborate on their benefits and insurance solutions.

Build reputation through marketing

Use our suite of fully managed and DIY marketing tools to promote your business as if you’d hired a Madison Avenue agency. Our content, distributed to your audience on your behalf, builds trust and confidence in your brand.

Use smarter data to sell

Avoid generic lead data by harvesting actual engagement information from your prospects. Know what topics interest them most, the second they have the realization, with online activity reports delivered in real time. Then, just make the call.

Solve client knowledge gaps

Prepare your clients for renewal time or upcoming changes by delivering a steady, useful stream of insurance and benefits educational data prepared by vetted peers and Benefits Media contributors.

Develop your community

Avoid stalemate and grow by reaching out to the Benefits Media community, knowing that our experts are tested, proven, and stable.

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Growth Drivers

Benefits Media was founded by the same marketing, sales, and experiential team behind some of the most trusted firms in business.

A service committed to your growth

Spend more time building relationships

Utilize Benefits Media’s outbound marketing services to regularly communicate with your contacts about current, relevant, and hot button benefits and insurance topics. We do this in order to build up demand for 1-1 conversations between you and your clients and prospects.

Bid on bigger groups

When your digital marketing strategy is solid, your brand and reputation look solid. Benefits Media’s social media and content marketing keep your brand front and center for when it matters most. This outward confidence is key to positioning yourself in front of larger groups who value capability most.

Keep yourself sharp and informed

Our content research and development team focuses on new, essential, and current topics that advisers and employers alike need to understand in order to remain competitive.

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